Legal English Teacher Training 2019 – Bologna, Italy

Dear friends,

I wanted to put together a training program that went back to basics and equipped teachers with practical skills for their classrooms.

Whether you are starting out as a Legal English instructor, or are one of our ‘seasoned’ trainers, I hope this weekend training school will give you the opportunity to share and learn from others and explore new methods and ideas.

Many of us work in isolation as self-employed instructors. This often translates into not having the chance  to reflect on our style or bounce teaching ideas around, not to mention having any feedback.

With this in mind, my aim is to make the sessions collaborative learning workshops with a focus on practical skills. This is our opportunity to set up a LE community – a learning environment to test new methods and receive that valuable resource – peer feedback.

To kick things off, I propose starting with the definition of legal English. The sessions following will focus on how to teach listening skills, how to use role plays, how to introduce debating, negotiations and presentations in the classroom dynamics.

Motivated trainers produce motivated learners. I hope to motivate you to make the trip to Bologna, and share your experiences in interactive workshops.

A presto,


Sofia Parastatidou

British Legal Centre –Italia

Toles Italia

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