Nuovo Corso: Contracts Law in UK/US 2021 – ONLINE


Vostro corso di Contracts Law è disponibile anche con vostro Tutor ONLINE (one to one via Skype or Google Hangouts).

Programma del corso:
  1. Essential Elements of a Contract
  2. Learn Key Terms and Expressions in Contract Law (US/UK)
  3. Formation of Contracts (US/UK)
  4. The Structure and Parts of a Contract
  5. Contract Performance
  6. Breach of contract and liability in contracts
  7. Remedies for Breach of Contract
  8. Limitation and Exclusion Clauses in Contract
  9. Termination and Duration
  10. Jurisdiction Clauses; Applicable law; Court of Competent Jurisdiction
  11. Case Study: Could the Flu see you in Court ?
  12. ROLE PLAY: Representing a client with a contract problem and correspondence practice.

Le lezioni saranno condotte in lingua inglese.

Sofia Parastatidou, avvocato internazionale, madrelingua inglese docente in corsi di legal e business English per professionisti.