Legal English and Law Summer School – 2019- TOLES Bologna 1-5 July 2019


Legal English and Law Summer School –

Bologna, 1-5 July 2019

9.30 am – 17:00pm

(20 hours of intensive training)

Module 1  

1.          An introduction to the Common Law System

  • The English Legal Profession
  • The English Court System and the common law
  • Making a claim in the civil court – Drafting exercise

  • 2. International Contract Law and Business Transactions

    Introduction to contract law – contract formation (offer, acceptance and consideration)
  • Breach of contract and remedies in contract (termination, damages)
  • Other important terms in contracts – Arbitration clauses, governing law, court of competent jurisdiction
  • International Sale of Goods – The Vienna Convention
  • Intellectual Property clauses
  • Retention of Title clauses
  • Warranty, indemnity and force majeure clauses
  • Confidential Information

Module 2

Introduction to Equity Law

  • Remedies for breach of contract in equity (injunction, specific performance, restitution, consequential damages)
  • Liquidated damages clauses v Penalty – in UK and US

Introduction to Tort Law (duty of care, breach of duty and damages)

  • The Tort of Negligence – a case study
  • Professional liability – Lawyer – client (liability for negligence)
  • Introduction to Business Law
  •  Different types of entities (Sole Trader, Partnership and Companies in UK)
  • Introduction to Company Law
  • Legal status of a company in common law
  • Directors duties and powers
  • Liability of directors
  • Power of shareholders
  • Incorporating a company
  • Practical exercise and role play

Module 3 – Writing workshop – Legal Correspondence

Role play and practical exercise 


Early Bird Discount Fee: €690 by 15 May 2019 (Quota Agevolata: iscrizioni entro il 15 Maggio 2019 : €690)

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Standard Fee: €790 (Quota Standard: €790)

Standard Fee Elsa members: €750 (Quota Standard: ELSA members : € 750)

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