Lawyers’ English Advanced Course – ONLINE Via SKYPE (Other platforms)


Preparation for Lawyers’ English Advanced – ONLINE 

Group Courses (max. 6 – min. 2)


(15 Hours intensive training)

This course prepares students for the Lawyers’ English Advanced examination.

The Advanced Legal English Course aims to assist the international lawyer and law students to acquire the specific English language skills and commercial legal vocabulary that will enable them to work in commercial law. This book can be used for self study or in the classroom.

The Advanced Legal English course is more challenging than the other levels of Lawyers’ English. Students will need a higher level of English as this course is aimed at increasing accuracy, naturalness and professionalism to get you that prized position in an international context.

This Legal English course will be an intensive study of:-

  • commercial legal vocabulary in context
  • terminology of commercial contracts
  • Best practice in modern contract drafting
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Forms of Business in the UK
  • Company law and its vocabulary
  • Presenting information and writing an advice for clients
  • Commercial Finance documents – Loan Documents

The Legal English courses will focus on

  • vocabulary crash course
  • accurate and natural sentence structure in English
  • modern style and register
  • comparing the Legal English of the UK and USA
  • Accurate prepositions in English
  • Accurate collocations in English
  • Accurate formation of questions
  • accurate conditional sentences
  • understanding modern idioms

Costs : Intensive Course – €650 (IVA included) per person.

Fees materials, examination fees which are all additional costs.

NB: Tutoring is available for examination practice upon request.